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Gym Shorts/Pants

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The NYC Department of Education mandates that all students in Grades K-5 have 120 minutes of Physical Education each week.  This must be exclusive of recess and before or after school activities.  All of our classes will meet the 120 minute mandate.

 In order to help your child achieve his/her Physical Education goals, please make sure that your child is prepared for Gym on the assigned days.  To be prepared, your child needs:

  • To wear the school uniform shirt along with the P.S.52 Phys Ed pants/shorts or uniform pants (students may choose to wear khaki/beige skorts or shorts under their skirts)
  • To wear sneakers
  • Long hair should be up

Coming to gym unprepared will be reflected in your child’s grade.

 While they are not required, you may like to purchase P.S.52 PhysEd sweatpants or shorts for your child, please complete the form below. The sweatpants cost $13.50 per pair and the shorts are $8.50.  

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