Pre-K » Welcome to Pre-K!

Welcome to Pre-K!

Student Hours 

Monday - Friday  

8:00 am - 2:20 pm

(Pre-K Families, please be in the schoolyard by 2:10.)


School Uniform Policy
We love to wear our uniforms!
It is a navy collared shirt, tan/khaki pants or skirts.

Fridays: Dress Down Day!


Discipline Code
In Pre-K, we learn to follow the classroom and school rules to promote kindness, fairness, and responsibility.  Parents have read and signed the notices about the Discipline Code.  The teacher will have open communication with the parents regarding these rules.


The Creative Curriculum

The First Six Weeks




Reduce, Reuse, Recycle






Pre-K Assessments:

Ages and Stages Questionnaire: an individually administered screening instrument with parent collaboration, completed in the first weeks of school and used as a pre-assessment
Teaching Strategies:
an authentic performance assessment based on teachers’ observations of children at work in the classroom completed throughout the school year


Family Engagement
Pre-K children will be receiving projects to be completed with their families based on The Creative Curriculum Studies throughout the school year. You will receive the instructions in your child’s folder and Class Dojo.  There will also be celebrations when families are invited to our classrooms throughout the year.


Reporting Absences  

Please call the school the morning your child is absent.  Your child must have a doctor’s note or a note written by a parent explaining the child’s absence upon his/her return to school.


Birthday and Celebration Procedures

Birthday and holiday celebrations are very special!  For birthday parties, you may send in store bought cupcakes or donuts and juice boxes for the students.  Paper plates and napkins would be appreciated.  Please contact the classroom teacher beforehand to discuss the party.  Older siblings in the school are not permitted to leave their classes to attend the celebration.  Goody bags are not allowed to be given out in class, as per school policy.  


Parent Communication

School Phone Number: (718) 351-5454

School Communication Folder 

Class Dojo


Lisa Juarez, Parent Coordinator

  • Please keep blue cards updated with current information on Operoo.  All adults picking up your child must be on the blue card and have a form of ID.  Please check Class Dojo frequently throughout the day and check folders each night for school information.